Sunny Succulents: The Trick to Making Your Plants More Colorful

We never get tired of collecting succulents because there are so many distinctive varieties with such colorful foliage. From neon pinks to dusty blues and fiery oranges, there’s a whole spectrum of stunningly colorful succulents to brighten your home. But sometimes, you might find that your chosen succulent isn’t quite as colorful as you’d want it to be, and the tone is a bit more subtle and muted. Lucky for you, we know the secret to making them as brilliant and bright as possible! 

How Do I Make My Succulents More Colorful?

For the most colorful succulents, you’ll get the best results if you expose them to plenty of full sun each day. Sunlight helps bring out the colors in your succulents, so they’re more vibrant and saturated. Muted pastels will take on a richer jewel tone, leaf variegation will have more high-impact contrast, and bright highlights and streaks will become vivacious and vibrant!

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Will Succulents Do Well in Full Sun?

Most succulents can handle full sun, so you can pop them right on the sunniest windowsill for the best possible color. However, you might be aware that some succulents like Senecio or Sansevieria don’t require full sun to survive. While they can live off less sunlight than many of your other succulents, you’ll find that overall, they become much more vibrant when they receive more sun.

Some succulents, like Hoyas and Aeoniums, may run the risk of getting scorched leaves in full sun if the sunlight is too intense. How do you get them as much sun as possible without damaging them? The trick is to place them somewhere that receives at least 6 hours of bright, indirect light each day. A sunny window with a sheer curtain filtering the sun will work really well, or you could try an East-facing window that gets full sun in the morning.

echeveria succulent oc succulents

What Are the Most Colorful Succulents?

Here’s a selection of some of the most ultra-vivid succulents that will really amaze you with their colorful displays if you set them somewhere in full sun:

Hoya Carnosa ‘Tricolor’: This vining succulent has waxy leaves with cream and pink splashes throughout the foliage. The pink parts will blush even brighter in full sun, complementing the adorable pink flower clusters it produces!

Echeveria ‘Red Baron’: Wavy, glossy, rust-red leaves and a lime green center make this a real standout, and full sun will make those red leaves light up like a stoplight!

Echeveria ‘Blue Atoll’: The satisfyingly symmetrical shape of this rosette succulent is further complemented by its crystal blue-green color. It almost looks too perfect to be real!

Echeveria ‘Ruffles’: We never cease to be amazed by this absolute stunner. Its ruffled leaves are so colorful; they almost look like iridescent prisms! Jewel tone blues and greens transition to purples and pinks near the crimped border of each beautifully textured leaf.

oc succulents colorful purple succulent

Echeveria ‘Perle von Nurnberg’: This has a lovely rosy pinkish-purple tone that makes it a consistent favorite at our California greenhouse. Combined with that classic rosette shape, it’s like an everlasting flower that doesn’t wilt!

Sedum ‘Coppertone’: Place this spectacular sedum in full sun, and it will thank you with the most dazzlingly bright display of golden foliage. It almost looks electric!

Agave ‘Green Glow’: The ruby red border trim on this spiky emerald green agave will develop a bold, striking color contrast if you place it in full sun.

Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’: We have to admit, they named this Aeonium appropriately! Candy apple red and plum purple outer leaves encircle bright yellow and green striped leaves in the center.

aeonium zwartkop oc succulents

Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’: This plant really brings the drama; the leaves are such a saturated shade of purple, they almost look black! A neon lemon-lime center brings incredible color contrast.

To find more full sun succulents in Orange County, visit OC Succulents to see all the incredible new varieties in store this season! We’re constantly receiving shipments of exciting new releases and classic favorites, so you’re sure to find something spectacular to add to your collection.

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