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Pottery and ceramics are an ancient art form that remains timeless and beautiful. After all, if people keep buying succulents, we’re always going to need something pretty in which to plant them! But like all forms of art, there are so many different pottery styles, and everyone’s preferences and tastes are different. 

Depending on your chosen color palette and home decor, you can find a gorgeous style of pottery that will perfectly complement your ideal design aesthetic. It’s worth investing in high-quality pottery made from pretty materials instead of cheap plastic pottery—it’s like the difference between decorating your room with a beautiful oil painting versus an old Nascar poster. 


Here are Our Top Trending Pottery Styles for 2022


Use them for indoor or outdoor decorating! Follow our styling suggestions for pairing them with complementary plants. 

Mediterranean_ Bubble Blast Exterior oc succulents

Mediterranean Bubble Blast


Pottery treated with a bubble blast finish will have a rough, rustic texture and a neutral tone with subtle color variance, making it versatile and effortlessly stylish. These pots almost look like something you’d find in an ancient art exhibit. They pair exceptionally well with cool blue-green succulents, like Crassula Blue Wave, bringing to mind the blue skies and breezy ocean air of Santorini, Greece!

Mediterranean_ Expresso Pottery oc succulents

Mediterranean Espresso Pottery


This Mediterranean look is a bit less textured and has a uniform color. We love the “Sedona” shade—a rich chocolatey brown that feels earthy and bohemian. This design looks best with bushier plants and succulents. Crassulas like Jade plants look lovely, and Portulacaria afra varieties are a great choice if you’d like something with more height. Smaller containers look great with one large rosette succulent, like Aeoniums or Echeverias. 

Textured Pottery oc succulents

Vintage Textured Pottery

Subtle ridges create incredible dimension and multi-tonal color in these fabulously textured pots. They come in many colors but tend to have more of a soft, subtle wash than ultra-vibrant color. Choose your tones according to the “temperature” of your color palette—are you going for more of a cool tone, a warm tone, or neutral? Plants with soft, subtle color and gray undertones look fabulous with vintage textured pots. We recommend foliage plants with sage green tones like Attenuata Ray of Light Agave, Dianella Tasmanica Grass, and Senecio decaryii.

Tuscan Style Terra Cotta oc succulents

Tuscan Terracotta


Spanish colonial architecture and terracotta pots are a match made in heaven. The warm, sandy orange tones bring a sunset glow to the scenery, and the naturally porous material is ideal for drought-tolerant plants like succulents and cacti. For a Spanish-style design, opt for agave plants or cacti like Golden Barrel Cactus or Euphorbia Ingen “African Milk Tree.” Look for terracotta made in Italy—it’s the highest standard of quality and will last for many years! You’ll know your terracotta is high-quality if you place the pot upside down and tap it with a metal butter knife. If it makes a ringing sound, it’s the good stuff, but if it makes a thud, you’ve got a dud!

Glazed Style Pottery oc succulents

Glazed Pottery


If you love bold, saturated color and high-impact designs, you’ll love the look of glazed pottery. There are so many different colored glazes to choose from, and their unique formulas create such distinctive patterns and effects when they’re kiln-fired. It has a glossy finish, so it won’t suit rustic decor but pairs best with whimsical, eclectic home designs. Our blue glazed collection has an iridescent finish that almost looks iridescent, with subtle hints of purple, gold, and green that gleam in the light. Amplify that prismatic effect with purple and green succulents like Aeonium Cyclops, Aeonium Blushing Beauty, and Aeonium Merlot. 

We hope our 2022 California Pottery Style Guide sparked some inspiration for your home and garden decor! If you’d like to explore more options, visit us at OC Succulents to see all the latest trending colors and designs. 

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