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We take great pride in offering plants that suit a variety of styles, landscapes, and frankly, personalities! With over 30 years of nursery experience, we still get excited about new varieties, tried & true specimens, and drought-tolerant rockstars.

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From the hottest Hoya to the hard-to-find Monstera, we strive to offer the latest foliage-frenzy and flowering plants.


From eye-catching cactus to privacy-setting palms, we’ll help you create the outdoor retreat you crave.


Heat-loving plants are our specialty. Enjoy the texture, color, and easy-loving ways of our top-sellers.

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OC Succulents-California- Mega Tall Succulents-tall aloe trees

Mega-Tall Succulents You Can Use Instead of Accent Trees

It's no secret that we At OC Succulents love it when gorgeous succulents take center stage in local Orange County landscapes. Whether you're incorporating a barrel cactus as an accent piece, laying down some sedum as a lush groundcover, or draping some donkey tail...
OC Succulents-California-Gorgeous Garden Themes Featuring Succulents-succulent garden

Gorgeous Garden Themes Featuring Succulents

Because our "How to Design a Succulent Rock Garden" blog was such a hit, we wanted to delve deeper into specific design themes! No matter your style or region, we've got the perfect garden design ideas for showcasing your Southern Californian succulents.Natural If...
OC Succulents-California-Succulents for Each Zodiac Sign-zodiac signs

What Succulent Matches My Zodiac Sign?

As each new year rolls around and the stars make their way through the sky, many of us find ourselves checking our daily horoscope to see what this day, week, or year may have in store for us. Many believe people can learn a lot about themselves from their Zodiac...
-javier staff at oc succulents - oc succulents-california

The Best Gifts Come from the Greenhouse

  Finding the perfect holiday gift for a friend or loved one can be challenging. Figuring out someone’s preferences, finding a gift at the right price, and coming up with a creative idea for a gift can all feel overwhelming.  Luckily, OC Succulents carries a wide...
OC Succulents-California-Fall succulent planter driftwood

How to Integrate Plants and Succulents Into Your Fall Decor

The season of decorating is upon us, and we love how versatile succulents are for fall decor! You can find the classic autumnal colors in a variety of succulents—including red, green, yellow, and even purple—to create the most fabulous displays. Quality succulents are...
OC Succulents-California-Houseplant Pests--staff cleaning plants

6 Common Indoor Plant Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

Indoor plant pests are the worst type of uninvited houseguests! They sneak in unannounced and quickly wreak havoc on your precious plant collection. To stop them before they take over, you have to know the signs of infestation! Here are six common plant pests and how...
OC Succulents- California - Succulents and Water Conservation - Drought tolerant succulents for sale

Why Succulents are the Key to Water Conservation in California

Water conservation is a hot topic these days, and Californians are searching for innovative ways to cut back on water consumption. For gardeners, this can be a tricky workaround. How do you grow a garden without frequently watering it? As it turns out, the solution is...
-OC Succulents - staff at OC Succulents with low light tolerant haworthia

6 Stylish Succulents That Can Handle Low Light Indoors

If your room lacks window light, that doesn't mean you can't collect a bunch of cute succulents! While many succulents thrive in sunny desert conditions, there are still plenty of varieties that are happy to chill in a spot that gets sub-par sunlight. Don't Let Low...
-OC Succulents - what to do when succulent blooms california- blooming succulent orange flowers

8 Blooming Succulents and What to Do When They Flower

Lots of succulents produce flowers. Some bloom repeatedly; others bloom once before dying. Echeveria are repeat bloomers that produce little flowers on tall stems.

-OC Succulents - succulents in planter pots front door Dean Turchi

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Growing Succulents in California

If you’re a gardener or houseplant collector in California, it’s time to seriously consider making the switch to growing succulents. They’re eco-friendly and easy!

Plants to Support Mental Health Awareness Month

Plants to Support Mental Health Awareness Month

During Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important to check in with ourselves and our loved ones to ensure everyone is doing alright and has the support they need. Professional help, communication with your loved ones, and self-care are important, but taking care of...

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Frequently Asked Questions.
Below you’ll find answers to common questions about OC Succulents.


Do you carry any non toxic animal plants?

Yes, Here is a list on non toxic plants: African violets, Bromeliads, Phalaenopsis Orchids,Bird’s nest ferns, Boston Ferns, Staghorn ferns, Calathea lancefolia, Calathea orbifolia, Hypoestes, spider plants, Marantas, Neanthe bella palms, Pontytail palms.

Do you carry Fruit Trees?

No we don’t carry fruit trees or any edible type of plant.

What air purifying plants do you carry?

Peace Lilly, Palms, Sansevieria, Pothos, Dracaena, Spider plant, Chinese evergreen, Ivy

Which are the best low light plants you carry?

Sansevieria, Dracaena, ZZ, Pothos

Decor Tip

Should you take off decorative moss or rocks to water your plants?

No, you can water directly on top of rocks. Same for moss as long as the moss is not too compact, so the water can get through to the soil.

What are the moss poles used for?

Moss poles mimic mossy bark that climbing and aroid plants need to grow upward.


Do you choose what plants come in or is it random?

We have dedicated buyers who chose high quality plants to stock up our nurseries.

Are you guys organic?

We do not spray our plants, but some of our suppliers may control pests in non-organic ways.

Is there a way to request plants that aren't in our inventory? (plants that we don't usually carry?)

Yes, if it is available from one of our suppliers.  Check with your associate

Can I special order plants?

Yes. Associates communicate with buyers then relay info back to you regarding availability and ship date. Lead times vary depending on where material is brought in from and the vendor’s ability to fill the order.

Plant Care

Do you have products for pest control? Fertilizer?

We carry a small selection of pest control and fertilizer products.

How can I determine which plants require more or less light?

You can tell by where the plant is located in our greenhouses. Shade cloth varying in thickness is set up in and outside of the greenhouses and is set up for optimal light conditions for different plants. The heavier the shade cloth the less light the plants in those sections need. No shade cloth above plants inside the greenhouse means those plants require maximum filtered light.

Can your plants be staged outside?

Preferably they should be staged inside, but can live outside in the shade. If plants are outside, they should be near a wall of the home to absorb heat and prevent frost damage.

How do I know which soil would work best for my plants?

Plants are happier drying out and having soil that drains quicker to avoid root rot.  But check with your associate if you have a question on a particular plant.

Do agaves die once they flower?

After blooming the plants die shortly after but leave behind lots of little plants that you can propagate.

What do I do when slugs or bugs eat my succulents?

You can spray Neem oil or Insecticidal soap.

What fertilizers are best for houseplants?

Cactus Juice for cactus and succulents.  For organic houseplant fertilizer Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed fertilizer is one of the highest rated.

How do you properly water your plants?

Most plants prefer to dry out before getting water again. It is best to test the soil by sticking your finger about an inch into the soil. If it feels dry it is time to water, If it is still moist you can give it some more time before watering again.

How do you know when to re-pot a houseplant?

Plants will eventually outgrow their pots. They will become rootbound, your plan will show you by bushing the roots outside of the drainage hole or the roots will push the plant up and out of the pot.


Can I place an order and pick it up? How long does that take?

You can place orders with Sales reps through email or over the phone. Orders can typically be filled the same day. Associates will confirm the order has been received, and will notify you when it is ready for pick up.

Are there specialists I should reach out to depending on the material I need information about?

Sales Reps are very knowledgeable and can direct you to the proper channel for special orders and information if necessary.

Do you spray your plants with anything?

We do not spray our plants. The agriculture department inspects out of state material upon arrival to ensure they are pest free.

How can I sign up for wholesale?

Apply here:


Wholesale is limited to the trade only. Working with plants must be a primary source of your business

Are all locations open to the public?

Our Torrance, Whittier, and Irvine locations are open to the public. Cardiff is wholesale only.

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First time visiting here and it won’t be my last! Great selection of healthy looking plants. I came here looking for a neon pothos, but couldn’t find it after walking around. I was asked if I needed help and when I inquired about their neon pothos stock, an employee went out of his way to get one for me from the back! Super happy with my experience.

Mille L.

Garden Grove

I love everything about this place. They have such a large selection of succulents and inside the green house a ton of great houseplants. Everything is healthy and prices are great for the quality of plants you get. It’s super easy to spend a lot of time here.

Kris A.

Huntington Beach

They take the “suc” out of succulent shopping. I recently hosted an event here and I was surprised to see that the quality and the variety of the succulents here are truly amazing. I was looking for some low lying succulents to put in this large patch of dirt in my backyard. OC Succulents has a huge selection of small, medium, and large succulents which are all separated by size. The staff was super helpful with planting instructions, watering schedules, and which plants flower and which don’t. I was going to buy about eight plants, but the staff member suggested I get four and wait to see if I still have room for the other four, which I really appreciated.

Nate M.


I love how they let you use their dirt and decorating pebbles. This place is the best! And someone friendly is always willing to help. My go-to place for when I need to pot a plant!

Laura S.

Santa Monica