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We take great pride in offering plants that suit a variety of styles, landscapes, and frankly, personalities! With over 30 years of nursery experience, we still get excited about new varieties, tried & true specimens, and drought-tolerant rockstars.

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From the hottest Hoya to the hard-to-find Monstera, we strive to offer the latest foliage-frenzy and flowering plants.


From eye-catching cactus to privacy-setting palms, we’ll help you create the outdoor retreat you crave.


Heat-loving plants are our specialty. Enjoy the texture, color, and easy-loving ways of our top-sellers.

Plant Care, Design Tips, and Trends for Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

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plant-parenting skills up to par.

variegated hoya plant oc succulents

How Do I Get My Hoya Plant to Bloom?

When encouraging a hoya to flower, it’s important to understand the stages of growth and everything your plant needs to produce its signature scented blooms.

air plants at OC Succulents

All About Air Plants: Growing Without Pots & Soil

Growing air plants is easy! You don’t even need soil or a planter. There are 3 common ways that you can water an air plant. The first is to mist them…

OC Succulents-succulents in calfornia gardens

The Californian’s Guide to Outdoor Plant and Succulent Care Over Winter

Climate conditions change quite a bit over the winter in California. It’s time to switch up your succulent care routine, including watering and fertilization!

-Christmas succulent tree materials OC Succulents

So Long, Spruce! Say Hello to a DIY Succulent Christmas Tree

Here’s how to make a DIY succulent Christmas tree: a modern spin on a centuries-old tradition.

-succulent log planter OC Succulents California

Rustic Charm: How to Decorate with Succulents

Here’s how to decorate with succulents in a way that captures that perfectly charming, rustic aesthetic.

How to Make a Succulent Fall Wreath - oc succulents

How to Make a DIY Fall Wreath with Succulents and Cacti

Learn how to make a succulent wreath to give your fall home decor a modern, artsy update!

OC Succulents-firestick plant in desert

Plant Feature: Firesticks

Meet Firesticks: the bright, blazing succulent that will light up your landscape with its fiery-orange hue.

OC Succulents tropical gardening

Transform Your Garden Into a Mediterranean Paradise With These Plants

We could all use a vacation these days, but if a round trip flight to Santorini or Sicily isn’t in the budget, you can just turn your garden into your own personal paradise! Mediterranean garden plants and decor are so classically beautiful and serene. Relaxation will...

Bringing Home Hens and Chicks: Sempervivum Plant Care

Fill your garden with adorable “hens and chicks!” Learn the basics of Sempervivum plant care.

OC Succulents colorful succulent plants

Sunny Succulents: The Trick to Making Your Plants More Colorful

Make your succulents more colorful by placing them in full sun!

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First time visiting here and it won’t be my last! Great selection of healthy looking plants. I came here looking for a neon pothos, but couldn’t find it after walking around. I was asked if I needed help and when I inquired about their neon pothos stock, an employee went out of his way to get one for me from the back! Super happy with my experience.

Mille L.

Garden Grove

I love everything about this place. They have such a large selection of succulents and inside the green house a ton of great houseplants. Everything is healthy and prices are great for the quality of plants you get. It’s super easy to spend a lot of time here.

Kris A.

Huntington Beach

They take the “suc” out of succulent shopping. I recently hosted an event here and I was surprised to see that the quality and the variety of the succulents here are truly amazing. I was looking for some low lying succulents to put in this large patch of dirt in my backyard. OC Succulents has a huge selection of small, medium, and large succulents which are all separated by size. The staff was super helpful with planting instructions, watering schedules, and which plants flower and which don’t. I was going to buy about eight plants, but the staff member suggested I get four and wait to see if I still have room for the other four, which I really appreciated.

Nate M.


I love how they let you use their dirt and decorating pebbles. This place is the best! And someone friendly is always willing to help. My go-to place for when I need to pot a plant!

Laura S.

Santa Monica