Create Incredible Living Art: DIY Succulent Wall Planters

Wall-mounted succulent planters combine the cutting-edge style of modern art with the natural beauty of plants! Plus, you earn some serious bragging rights if you make one all by yourself. If your last ‘paint night’ experience was less than spectacular (Bob Ross makes it look so easy!), then these DIY succulent wall planters might just be the perfect art form for you to explore.

Even If Your Art Skills Are Lackluster, You Can Create a Beautiful Succulent Wall Planter

Imagine this: a charming, rustic wooden frame bursting with lush, live succulents in all different colors and shapes. Sounds amazing, right? To create your own succulent wall planter masterpiece, gather up these supplies:


  • Decorative frame in whatever size you like. Try to find one with a hook already attached so that you can hang it up easily! 
  • Cedar 1×3’s (These are for building a box to attach to the frame. You’ll need to cut four side pieces.)
  • ¼” plywood backing to fit the back of your wall planter.
  • Succulent potting mix.
  • Gorilla glue.
  • Metal hardware cloth.
  • Staple gun.
  • Chopsticks.
  • All your favorite succulents!
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2” succulents or small cuttings from larger plants work best for wall planters, as they’re more lightweight and aren’t as likely to fall out. Their roots will secure them in place over time, so once they grow bigger, their roots will be very well-anchored. If you’re using cuttings, cut them at least 24 hours before planting them, and make sure the cut edge has dried up. A fresh cutting will rot if you put it in soil!

How Do You Build a Succulent Wall Planter?

We broke down the process into four simple steps. You can easily complete this DIY planter project in an afternoon once you’ve got all your materials ready. Just remember to let your wall planter rest flat for one month before you hang it up—those roots have to take hold! Once it’s ready to be hung, the grand reveal will be so worth the wait.


 Step One: Build Your Frame Box

 You need to attach your frame to a shallow box to hold in all that potting mix and keep the plants in place. The cedar 1×3’s are going to be the sides and bottom of your frame box. Measure the length and width of your frame, and cut your wood pieces accordingly, so they’ll fit on the back in a rectangle box shape. 

 If you’ve got a saw, you can cut the wood yourself, but if not, then you’ll want to have your measurements written down. That way, you can get your wood cut at the lumber store. Cut your ¼ plywood so that it will fit flush on the back of the box.    

Attach all your wood pieces together with Gorilla glue to make the base of your succulent wall planter box. Don’t attach the frame yet! There’s still a bit more to do first.


Step Two: Add Potting Mix

With your wall box all made, you’re ready to fill it with soil! Be sure to use a loose, dried potting mix that’s formulated specifically for succulents and cacti. Pack it down firmly.


Step Three: Attach the Metal Hardware Cloth

Cut your piece of metal hardware cloth so that it covers the front of your wall box. Staple it into place with your staple gun. Now, attach your frame onto the front with copious amounts of Gorilla glue. Boom, third step done! We’re almost finished!


Step Four: Plant Your Succulents

If your frame needs a bit more soil added into it, sprinkle some more on top and press it down into the metal cloth. Now’s the part where you get to use your chopsticks! The chopsticks are actually really helpful for nestling your plants into place without sticking your fingers into the soil and getting your hands dirty. They’re also very slender, so it’s easier to press the succulents in deeply. Fill up that entire frame with succulents until you can barely see any potting mix below. 

Voilà! Your masterpiece design is nearly complete—you just have to give it time for those roots to spread out. Lay your arrangement out somewhere where it will get plenty of sun, but don’t water it for the first two weeks. At the start of week three, water it lightly. Once four weeks have gone by, it should be ready to hang! Hang your succulent wall frame somewhere it will receive enough sunlight to keep it alive and thriving! Spritz generously with water once per month from October to March and twice per month during the warmer months.

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