Gorgeous Garden Themes Featuring Succulents

Because our “How to Design a Succulent Rock Garden” blog was such a hit, we wanted to delve deeper into specific design themes! No matter your style or region, we’ve got the perfect garden design ideas for showcasing your Southern Californian succulents.

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If you’re a Southern California local seeking a natural look for your landscape, we have the perfect suggestions for you. Succulents are perfect for natural, low-maintenance landscapes due to their low water intake, wild and unique appearance, and diversity of form.

To craft a natural-looking garden, plant three to five varieties of succulents in clusters, just as they might grow in the wild. We particularly recommend planting native Californian varieties, including agave, echinocactus, and dudleya. In between your small groups of succulents, you can place water-wise bunchgrass varieties and other low-water native plant species, such as white sage, manzanita, and California lilac. Mixing grasses in with your succulents and shrubs will create a naturally beautiful garden landscape that is sure to make you feel right at home.

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One of the best things about succulents is their diverse range of colors. Succulents can come in green, red, orange, yellow, blue-green, and even dark purple, offering you endless ideas for color combinations in your garden, and that’s just their foliage! When brainstorming DIY succulent garden ideas, remember that many succulents also have gorgeous, colorful flowers! 

A succulent arrangement that is a particular favorite of ours is to set a few red-tipped kalanchoes against a backdrop of any of our vibrant snake plant varieties. Then, plant a groundcover of colorful sedum varieties in the foreground for a truly eye-catching technicolor display that is sure to impress! 

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In addition to their seemingly endless capacity for color, succulents are similarly unparalleled in the richness of their textures, making them fodder for excellent landscaping ideas. From small-leaved portulacaria to pointy haworthia, succulents come in countless finishes and forms, and incorporating just a few into your garden immediately adds character. One jaw-dropping way to add texture to your landscape is to create a living wall using succulents, which you can easily install on any bare fence or wall in your landscape to immediately add intrigue, truly making your Southern Californian garden stand out amongst the rest!

OC Succulents-California-Gorgeous Garden Themes Featuring Succulents-serene theme


While succulents are great for creating a lively, colorful, and texture-rich garden, many varieties also have an unparalleled ability to evoke a pristine sense of serenity. To create a peace-filled garden using succulents, stick with the many available smooth green and blue varieties, as these are colors shown to evoke tranquility. Graptopetalum, Echeveria, and Aloe are excellent options to begin with, as are muted Euphorbias and Agaves if you’d like to add more height. 

To take your serene succulent garden idea one step further, consider including a water-wise water feature so you can enjoy the soothing sound of running water without fretting about its ecological impact. Since your succulent garden is low-maintenance, you’ll truly enjoy your space with zero worries!

OC Succulents-California-Gorgeous Garden Themes Featuring Succulents-serene theme


With their rigid lines and often-cool tones, succulents make a flawless complement to a modern garden space. Varieties such as Agave Guiengola, Bromeliad’ Ying,’ or the orderly Pachyveria are all great plants for cultivating an austere, grounded atmosphere. Pair your succulent selections with white, gray, or black rocks and matching hardscapes to create the modern garden of your dreams!

If you’re looking for the advice, plants, and tools you need to install a succulent garden near you, look no further than Southern California’s own OC Succulents. Our experts will give you the ideas and guidance you need to tackle your own DIY landscaping project with ease. If DIY isn’t quite your cup of tea, worry not; our professional landscapers can also design and install your space for you! Stop by and chat with us about your dream backyard landscape today!

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