Mega-Tall Succulents You Can Use Instead of Accent Trees

It’s no secret that we At OC Succulents love it when gorgeous succulents take center stage in local Orange County landscapes. Whether you’re incorporating a barrel cactus as an accent piece, laying down some sedum as a lush groundcover, or draping some donkey tail from a hanging basket, succulents are always beautiful elements to include in your Southern California garden. I personally am a huge fan of using tall succulents in landscapes as replacements for trees. Not only do they add a unique element to any yard or garden, but they’re also incredibly water-wise! Here are a few of my favorite types of tall succulents to add to your garden this year. 


Spineless Yucca: Stars Inside or Out

Spineless yucca succulents are real standouts for their ability to thrive indoors or out. Place these striking plants by a window inside to ensure they get enough light, or plant them outside in well-draining soil: they love our Southern California weather! Unlike most yucca varieties, these succulents have softer leaves that won’t poke you the same way others will. As for the height department, spineless yucca can grow up to 5 feet tall indoors and up to 30 feet in your backyard!

OC Succulents-California- Mega Tall Succulents-oc staff tree aloes

Tree Aloe: A Giant of the Succulent World


Tree aloe takes the prize for tallest succulent in town! These mega-tall succulents grow and branch just like trees but are much more water-wise. They can grow to over 30 feet tall, making them excellent sources of shade in your sunny garden. If you’re lucky, you may even find your tree aloe succulent sprouting long, flower-filled stems. Just make sure your tree aloe has plenty of room to grow wide and tall, so it doesn’t crowd out your other plants, and you’ll be wowing your neighbors with your massive succulent tree! 

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Euphorbia: A Mega-Tall Cactus Look-Alike!


This succulent variety is my go-to recommendation for new plant parents. Euphorbia cacti, sometimes called African milk trees, are super easy to care for indoors and out! Just make sure they get plenty of light and let their soil dry out between waterings. If you can manage that, your Euphorbia will grow tall and proud, up to 9 feet!

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Jade Tree: a Timeless Classic


Another personal favorite of mine, jade trees are a classic succulent variety with lots to offer! Their plump, vibrant, shiny leaves start off as a deep green, but can turn a brilliant orange or red if exposed to a generous amount of sunlight. When happy, jade trees also produce glorious clusters of tiny star-shaped flowers. Jade trees do extremely well in pots, where they can grow up to 5 feet tall and just as wide, with a classic tree branching structure. Truly a must-buy!

OC Succulents-California- Mega Tall Succulents-Kalanchoe beharensis

Kalanchoe beharensis: Unusual and Stunning

This tall succulent is also one of the fastest-growing, featuring soft, felt-like leaves and a bushy growth habit. While not as tall or erect as some of the other varieties we’ve covered, these distinctive succulents steal the show with their giant, frilled leaves and sprawling nature. You’ll have folks constantly stopping by your backyard to gawk at this remarkable succulent variety, which can grow up to 5 feet tall.

OC Succulents-California- Mega Tall Succulents-Monstera plant

Indoor Options for Orange County


Many of these tall succulent types can be grown indoors with ease. If you’re all set for succulents but would still like something tall and green for inside your home, consider a Monstera! With careful training, these lush tropical plants can grow extremely tall, taking up an entire wall or corner of your room with ease! They’re one of my favorite types of plants and make any space feel like a tropical oasis.


There are truly tons of towering succulents to choose from, whether you’re looking for a water-wise plant solution for inside your home or out in your garden or landscape! If you want to shop tall succulents in Orange County, we at OC Succulents have you covered. My team and I are always more than happy to talk succulents, and with our unmatched selection and expert advice, we’ll have you set up with your perfect plant in no time!

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