Houseplant Trends for 2021

4 Amazing Houseplant Trends to Watch For This Year

Trends may come and go, but plants never go out of style, so we’re always up for checking out the latest design ideas and trending houseplants. 2020 saw a major surge in the plant and gardening industry because so many folks were stuck inside and wanted to bring a bit of nature into their space. 

Now, with all these eager new plant owners, there’s been tons of creative innovation and swoon-worthy social media content to browse through for inspiration. We spent many blissful hours scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, and the latest modern design blogs to find some real gems worth sharing with the OC community—take a look at what’s making waves in the world of plant design this year!

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The 4 Awesome Houseplant Trends You Have to See

Kick-off the year with optimism and energy by filling your house with gorgeous new plants! Here’s all the design inspo you’ll need for a modern, fresh decor aesthetic that enlivens your living space.

Houseplant Style: Variegated White

Variegated plants (those with patterned leaves sporting two or more colors) are becoming increasingly popular, as the contrasting colors and textures add dimension and visual interest—especially if you’ve got a lot of other greenery in your home.  

While there are all sorts of different colorfully accented plants available, there’s something so crisp and elegant about white variegated plants. The clean, neutral color is so sophisticated, and it goes with everything. While a typical houseplant in a macrame hanger might look a bit boho and rustic, adding in a white variegated plant suddenly gives it an air of modernity and style.

Try these trending indoor plants available in white accented varieties:

  • Pothos
  • Tradescantia
  • Spider plant
  • Aglaonema
  • Calathea
  • Syngonium

If you want to get your succulent fix, you can opt for pale, nearly-white succulents like echeveria or cacti tufted with white spines to get that clean, airy, cloudy white look—classic, effortless elegance! 

Zodiac Plants: Year of the Ox

From February 11th to January 31st of next year, it’s the Chinese Zodiac Year of The Ox. Each year of the Zodiac calendar has its own lucky numbers, colors, and even lucky plants! 

What are the Lucky Plants for 2021?

The Year of The Ox is associated with pink blooming plants and evergreens. For a good luck charm that’s much more aesthetically appealing than a horseshoe or a rabbit’s foot, pick up one (or several!) of these pink accented beauties:

  • Pink blooming kalanchoe

  • Pink blooming anthurium

  • Echeveria “Peacockii”

  • Aglaonema (AKA Chinese Evergreen) “Lady Valentine”

  • Hoya carnosa

  • Phalaenopsis orchid

Trailing Tapestry

Floating shelves have long been considered the go-to for folks with big houseplant collections, but we love this new approach to plant styling: line up several trailing plants all along the shelf, so the leaves cascade downward like a curtain of foliage. As your plants continue to grow, they’ll cover more surface area, creating a wall accent that has just as much impact as a work of art.

For gorgeous color and dimension, alternate the varieties of plants to create stripes of different shades, like solid green philodendron, purple variegated tradescantia, and silver pothos. Make sure you hang it up on a wall that gets plenty of sunshine!

Put an Air Plant On It

Since air plants don’t require soil or even a pot, for that matter, folks have been getting really creative with where they place them throughout the room! So as long as your chosen spot gets some sun and isn’t close to any cold drafts, it should be a fine place to keep a Tillandsia. 

Place one amongst the stack of books on your desk, on top of the stereo turntable, your kitchen table, or wherever! You can even buy little metal hangers or glass terrariums to fill with air plants and hang from the ceiling or a window frame. They come in loads of different colors, and when they flower, they put on quite the show, so you’ll love the uniquely beautiful look of this peculiar plant. 

Eager to turn your living space into a plant-filled paradise? We can’t blame you—plants make everything better! OC Succulents is the ultimate destination for trendy houseplants in California, so visit us soon to see all the incredible new cultivars available now.

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