Rustic Charm: How to Decorate with Succulents

In the world of plant design, succulents are typically associated with a more modern aesthetic—the sleek, artsy minimalist look. But that’s not the only way how to decorate with succulents! An echeveria can look just as impressive in a rustic antique or upcycled container as it would in an ultra-modern pot. If you’re an eclectic, creative type who gravitates toward more rustic, boho styles, here are some ways to decorate with succulents that will capture your carefree energy and spirit.


You’ll Love These Rustic Design Ideas for Indoor Succulents

You can get really creative with succulent designs in pots and non-traditional containers because their root systems are more shallow than other plants. This gives you so many more options for what to plant them in! Here are some design elements and ideas so you can pull together your perfectly rustic, woodsy vibe.

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Driftwood Planters

A twisted, knotted piece of driftwood is full of holes and cracks where you can easily plant tiny, assorted succulents. Rinse your driftwood thoroughly to be sure there are no bugs in it, then glue handfuls of sphagnum moss in the spots you’d like to place the plants. Moisten the moss with a spray bottle, and use chopsticks to make divots in the moss so that you can nestle your succulents into place. DIY projects like this are ideal for a more rustic aesthetic because there’s no pressure to make it perfect! If it’s a little rough around the edges, that only adds to the charm.


Cut Log Pots

A thick cross-section of a large branch or small tree trunk can make such a gorgeous plant pot, especially if the bark is still intact. Birch bark is especially beautiful for a rustic succulent container. You may be able to find some online, but it will be more cost-effective to make your own—you’ll just need a miter saw to slice the wood and cut a hole inside to fill with potting mix. For a stunning rustic succulent centerpiece, gather three or more cut log pots in different sizes.

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Antique Tins

There are so many charming antique tins and canisters you can find at a vintage or thrift store, each with interesting finishes and surface features that have developed over the decades. We especially love old copper containers that have developed a nice patina. You don’t have to stick to just plain old tins, either—get creative! An old mailbox, a breadbox, or cans with vintage labels could all be fashioned into a cute, rustic succulent planter.  


Typewriter Succulent Garden

Remember when we said you could use old antique containers to make beautiful rustic succulent designs? Well, you can also find other antiques and then turn them into containers! Give an old broken typewriter new life by turning it into a planter. You’ll just have to find a good DIY tutorial to take you through the steps (don’t worry, there are plenty of different ones online!). Pick a pretty mix of echeveria, cacti, and trailing succulents to fill the back cavity of your typewriter and leave the antique keyboard intact. 

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Plant Succulents in Sphagnum Moss

Succulents don’t need regular potting soil like your typical houseplants—they can thrive in loose potting mediums like shredded bark and sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss is ideal for a more rustic look because it has a stringy, shredded texture, almost like hay. Fill a pot or a glass terrarium with this finely textured moss, and it will look much prettier than a pot full of plain old soil! Let a little bit of the moss stick out from the container and trail down a bit—remember, you’re not aiming for perfection or symmetry!


Add a Layer of Aged River Stone

Cover the top surface layer of potting mix with a layer of aged river stone—the subtle colors and textures of natural river rock are just so lovely! This works for both indoor and outdoor arrangements, and it nails the rustic look while still looking a bit more pretty and polished than traditional bark mulch. 


Now that you’ve learned some tricks on how to decorate with succulents for a rustic aesthetic, you’ll have to pick up some new succulents to put your new skills to work! Wondering where to buy succulents in California? OC Succulents has one of the most incredible selections of all our favorite succulent plants. Visit us soon to see what’s new!

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