How to Make a DIY Fall Wreath with Succulents and Cacti

Looking for a fun DIY project to amp up your fall decor at home? Learn how to make a succulent grapevine wreath! It’s easier than it looks, and the end product is seriously stunning. Ornamental gourds ain’t got nothing on this level of autumnal beauty. 


Here’s How to Make Your Own Succulent Grapevine Wreath

Once you’ve completed your first succulent masterpiece, make even more and give them away as holiday gifts! They’re so pretty, how could you resist?


  • Grapevine wreath
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Assorted succulents
  • Chopsticks
  • Floral pins
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1. Glue a thick layer of moss all over the front surface of your grapevine wreath, making sure it’s held on securely. Alternatively, glue the moss to one section of the wreath if you’d prefer a more minimalist style that leaves most of the grapevine wreath visible. Push the moss deep into the cracks between the dry vines to make sure it really sticks.


2. Using the chopsticks, make small holes within the moss so you can insert the succulent root systems in each hole. Brush off any soil that may remain on the roots of the succulents after you’ve removed them from the containers in which they came. 


3. Press each succulent into its designated hole, and then use a floral pin to secure the plant onto the wreath. For tiny succulent cuttings, you may find the chopsticks can help get them into place. It will take several weeks for the roots to spread out enough to hold the succulents onto the wreath without support. It helps to leave the wreath in a sunny spot, lying flat for two weeks before hanging it up, to encourage the roots to settle in. 


4. Mist your wreath regularly with water, moistening the sphagnum moss by spraying it all around the sides. Try to avoid soaking the grapevines, as this can soften them and mess up the shape.

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Our Favorite Plants to Make a Succulent Wreath

The most fun part of learning how to make a succulent wreath is picking out all the colorful plants and arranging them in a pretty design! Our favorite varieties are available here at OC Succulents in a wild assortment of gorgeous colors and distinctive shapes! 



This classic rosette succulent looks just like a pretty flower, and some even come in shades of pink and purple! Warm-toned varieties look especially pretty for a fall wreath. Echeveria will bring a touch of femininity and romance to your wreath design that will no doubt leave you swooning.

echeveria and jade plants - oc succulents

Jade Plant

This lush succulent’s interesting texture and leaf shape makes it an awesome filler plant for your wreath. You can squeeze in smaller rooted cuttings between bigger succulents, which will eventually fill out and sprout more of its flat, paddle-shaped leaves. 


Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Also known as Kalanchoe ‘Panda’, this adorable fuzzy succulent has soft, grey leaves with a chocolate brown trim. The neutral color and striking texture contrast will make your succulent wreath even more visually spectacular.

kalanchoe and aeonium succulents- oc succulents


Another fabulous rosette succulent, this beauty comes in mega-bright color combinations that we absolutely adore! We’re kind of in love with the dark purple varieties with striking lime green centers. 


Crassula Perforata

These succulents have such a fascinating growth habit with triangle-shaped leaves all along their upright-growing stems, forming perfect square shapes that are satisfyingly symmetrical.  


There are plenty more amazing succulents where that came from! To make your own succulent fall wreath, visit OC Succulents to see our unbeatable collection of succulents for sale in California. You won’t believe how many gorgeous varieties there are!

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