How to Integrate Plants and Succulents Into Your Fall Decor

The season of decorating is upon us, and we love how versatile succulents are for fall decor! You can find the classic autumnal colors in a variety of succulents—including red, green, yellow, and even purple—to create the most fabulous displays. Quality succulents are essential for beautiful decor, so take a look at these ideas and visit us at OC Succulents to start decorating today! 

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Pumpkin Planters Full of Succulents

Pumpkins and succulents are a match made in autumnal heaven! The smooth roundness of pumpkins provides an excellent backdrop and contrast to the texture and strong lines of succulents, making these a well-balanced pair for decorating. You can place planters of succulents beside pumpkins on display, or you can turn your pumpkin into a planter by gluing moss and succulents on top of the pumpkin for a gorgeous and colorful display.

Finding the perfect pairing of succulents with pumpkins is easy, whether you’re creating warm-toned decorations or a cool-toned aesthetic. For warm tones, consider combining a Cinderella pumpkin with sedum, kalanchoe, or euphorbia. Try complementing a Blue Jarrahdale or Casper pumpkin with senecio or flowering echeveria for a cool-toned aesthetic. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a bit of mix-and-matching! 

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Succulent Fall Wreaths

Succulents are a fantastic option for building beautiful fall wreaths that capture the colors of the season and add something unique and special to your decor. Start with a sphagnum moss wreath and an assortment of succulents with 2-3 stems. Pre-soak your wreath and succulents to hydrate, arrange them how you like, and pin them to the wreath—presto! You have a gorgeous wreath that will have your neighbors wondering why they didn’t think of doing that! 


Succulent Cornucopias and Fall Centerpieces

Nothing says abundance and harvest like a cornucopia, so why not include some succulents with your squash and corn husks? A little greenery and spikey texture will round out your display perfectly! If cornucopias aren’t your style, you can use succulents as part of any centerpiece display, whether you create vases with moss and succulents or scatter them amongst a tumbling display of small pumpkins. 

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Use Plants to Mimic Traditional Fall Aesthetics

Corn stalks are fun but a little cumbersome for your dining table! Consider using a bromeliad instead for a tall plant with beautiful bracts resembling tall growth, like a corn stalk! The dusty finish on tillandsia, or air plants, is another excellent way to bring that farmer’s harvest vibe into your home without committing to the classic aesthetic. Scatter a few air plants around your display, and you’ll have amazing texture with the perfect color palette. Plants are a great way to make any table more interesting, so pay attention to these when designing your fall displays! 


Succulent and Pinecone Hangers

If you want to add a little magic to your windows for fall, try making pinecone and succulent hangers! They’re straightforward to make and are a great activity for the kids, and you’ll also have a decoration that transitions into winter! Start by collecting pinecones of your choosing, then tie a string around the top so that it hangs elegantly. Glue in bits of sphagnum moss between the cone seeds, and let it dry. Then you can arrange an assortment of small succulent plants as you like, pinning them into the moss. Remember to soak the moss and succulents beforehand so that they’re hydrated! Once you’ve made all the pinecones you’d like, you can string them up in your window or across the mantel for a whimsical fall decoration. 

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Fill Your Decor with Succulents

We love how easy it is to place succulents almost anywhere for an elevated, natural aesthetic! If you have tiered cake trays, shelves, jars, bowls, or other decor sitting around, consider filling them with an assortment of succulents to add fall colors while maintaining our signature Californian aesthetic. All you need is a bit of soaked sphagnum moss to tuck your succulent stems into and some good sunlight, and they’ll be happy little plants no matter where you put them! 


Caring for Your Decorative Succulents

Pre-soaking your moss and succulents is essential to give your plants a good start, ensuring they are hydrated from the start! If you notice that your plants look a little lackluster and need some water, resoak your moss base using a spray bottle or by placing the moss in water. You might need to get creative with how you hydrate the moss, but your plants will bounce back in no time! 

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How to Transition Your Succulents to Winter Decor

Once fall turns to winter, you can reuse your succulents from these decorations and transition them to your winter decor! Turn your succulent wreath into a Christmas wreath by adding berries and fresh greenery, or relocate any of your centerpieces and display succulents to a fresh planter with your favorite holiday theme. These gorgeous little plants are so versatile; you can always find a spot for them in your decor! 


If you’re looking for succulents near you to add to your fall decor, visit OC Succulents! We have an extensive collection of quality succulents you can grow throughout and long after the season. 


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