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Finding the perfect holiday gift for a friend or loved one can be challenging. Figuring out someone’s preferences, finding a gift at the right price, and coming up with a creative idea for a gift can all feel overwhelming. 

Luckily, OC Succulents carries a wide array of plants, containers, and more—and we have plenty of gift ideas from our wonderful staff. Succulents are the best plants to give as gifts because they require little water, come in many varieties, and are ideal for beginners. Skip the Black Friday madness and come to OC Succulents to find a perfect gift!

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DIY Succulent Arrangement Kit

For a chance to flex your own creativity and gift someone a fun project, shop our wide range of plant varieties and put together a DIY succulent arrangement kit. It’s simple—start with a decorative container of your choosing, a small bag of cactus potting mix, and pebbles to create a finished look. Browse through our generous selection of 2 to 4-inch succulent plants, looking for winning combinations. We recommend using a diversity of colors, textures, and heights for added visual delight—try a classic echeveria as a focal piece with a few varieties of sedum and a haworthia as your high point. Once you have enough to fill your pot perfectly, you can either create and gift the display yourself or gift the plants, container, and potting medium as a DIY project for that special someone!


Custom Succulent Wreath

To capture the spirit of the season, try creating and gifting your very own custom succulent wreath! To begin, select from our many varieties of succulents in any size of pot. When you get them home, trim off small cuttings carefully, ensuring each has some stem to attach to the wreath. You will want to leave your cuttings to callus for at least a few days to prevent rot. Once you are ready to begin, start with a moist sphagnum moss wreath form of any size. Use a dowel to poke holes in the moss and greening pins to secure your cuttings into the wreath form. Once your wreath is nice and full, lay it flat for at least a few weeks to allow the cuttings to begin to root, being sure to keep the moss planting medium moist the whole time. And voila, you have created your very own giftable succulent wreath!


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Plantable Stocking Stuffers

If making a full-fledged succulent wreath feels a bit intimidating, we’ve got just the gift idea for you. Our 2-inch succulents are simply adorable, and the gifting possibilities are endless—especially because we have over 4,000 to choose from! In addition to a DIY succulent arrangement kit, you could use them as creative living stocking stuffers. After filling your loved ones’ stockings, add a carefully placed line of 2-inch succulents poking out of the rim—this stocking stuffer will be sure to wow!


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Desktop Plant

Whether your special someone works from home or in the office, anyone could benefit from some life on their desk! We have a wide variety of potential desktop plants to choose from that are easy to care for, even when work gets in the way. For an extra pop of brightness at their desk, consider gifting them a Graptosedum ‘Rosa,’ Sedum nussbaumerianum, or a bromeliad. Browse our substantial selection of pots for the perfect complement to your plant of choice.


sansevieria christmas gift - oc succulents-californiaLow Light and Low Maintenance

We know that when it comes to giving plants as gifts, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the care they require. For the plant care beginner in your life, choose something low-maintenance that can stand up to a bit of neglect. When selecting a plant, consider a completely established plant with a bit of fertilizer and a mister on the side to keep things easy for the recipient. 

Some folks don’t have much light in their homes or apartments, and we have the answer for that as well! Sansevieria (also known as a snake plant) makes the perfect easy gift for the plant beginner in your life. Other stunning options include; string of pearls, Haworthia zebrina, and a ZZ plant.


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And the Classic Failsafe—We Have Gift Cards

We all have that friend with incredibly specific taste. If they happen to be a gardener already, you really can’t go wrong with a gift card to OC Succulents—the ideal gift for a plant lover. They’ll know exactly what they want and can shop our entire greenhouse themselves.

With all of the decision fatigue that comes with the holiday season, we are proud to offer a huge array of perfect gifts for the holidays. Whether you create a custom succulent wreath or opt instead for a simple gift card, your loved ones will be sure to be delighted by your originality and thoughtfulness. To explore more California plant gift ideas, visit OC Succulents for gifting inspiration this Black Friday!

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