6 Stylish Succulents That Can Handle Low Light Indoors

If your room lacks window light, that doesn’t mean you can’t collect a bunch of cute succulents! While many succulents thrive in sunny desert conditions, there are still plenty of varieties that are happy to chill in a spot that gets sub-par sunlight. 

Don’t Let Low Light Stop You From Buying Cute Succulents!

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place with tiny windows, or you’ve got a bland, gray office that needs some life breathed into it, growing low-light succulents can uplift the energy in your space! Ideally, you don’t want your room completely devoid of natural light, but normal lightbulbs can meet some plants’ minimum light requirements! Here are six succulents you can grow indoors, even if the sunlight situation isn’t ideal.

OC Succulents - succulents for low light snake plants

Snake Plant


The ultimate low-light succulent for indoors, snake plants continue to be a favorite for small, dimly lit spaces. Their upright leaves make them perfect for fitting into tight corners because they barely take up any room width-wise, but they reach up so tall!

There are so many gorgeous varieties of snake plants to choose from—some have more cool-toned leaves with silvery-blue variegation, while others are streaked with bright gold! Whatever the color palette is in your low-light room, you’re sure to find a snake plant that will fit the look.

OC Succulents - succulents for low light -string of dolphins

String of Dolphins

Senecio peregrinus 

This impossibly cute succulent brings the Lisa Frank vibes that any 80s baby will appreciate. Every shiny green leaf looks like a miniature dolphin, and a mature plant can have several hundred of them! While they do best in 4–6 hours of bright, indirect light, you can still definitely grow a string of dolphins in low light conditions. A little bit of window light or a full-spectrum light bulb will be enough to sustain this plant, though it may grow a bit slower. Their vines grow long, making them look fantastic in hanging baskets or floating shelves. It’s an instant way to add some personality to a boring office space! 

OC Succulents - succulents for low light -zz plant

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

You might be surprised to discover the ZZ plant is a succulent, but it’s true! One of the most popular low-light houseplants in the world, the ZZ plant survives off infrequent watering and is very easy to keep alive. This distinctive houseplant has arching stems with glossy leaves that sprout outward like a partially folded palm frond. There are several different varieties; generally speaking, the ones with the darkest leaves are the most tolerant to low light levels. The “Raven” variety has almost black foliage, so it’s great if you want a dramatic, moody vibe for a dimly lit room.

OC Succulents - succulents for low light -string of pearls

String of Pearls

Senecio rowleyanus

She is beauty. She is glamour. She is the moment. A string of pearls really does look like a tangle of pearl necklaces—though, in terms of color, we’d say their foliage is more like emerald or malachite beads! Cascading down the side of a hanging basket, they’re the perfect combination of classic and cutting edge—quirky, with a vintage glam vibe, like Lucille Ball! Like the string of dolphins, this variety of Senecio is tolerant of low light settings but grows faster with bright, indirect light. If the strings look a little thin, try bringing the succulent closer to the window.

OC Succulents - succulents for low light -haworthia zebrina

Zebra Haworthia

Haworthia zebrina

If you want a small, low-light succulent for your office desk or dorm room, look no further than the
zebra haworthia. This spiky succulent stays small and grows very slowly, so it doesn’t need a ton of sunlight. Its long, pointy leaves are similar to the aloe plant but have tiny white bumps in rows forming zebra stripes. We love the texture and edgy flair—so much attitude for such a small package! Haworthia is a super low-maintenance plant and doesn’t require frequent watering, so it’s an ideal choice for beginners. 

OC Succulents - succulents for low light -fish hooks

Senecio Fish Hooks

Senecio radicans

This trailing succulent has minty blue-green foliage that cascades like a waterfall. It’s strangely soothing to look at! Its slender leaves are the same width as their stems, poking out from every direction, with a slight curl like a fish hook.

We love how they look in those cute planters with faces on them—a long, healthy Senecio radicans can look just like a head of thick, lush mermaid hair! 

To find all these low-light succulents for sale in Orange County and plenty of other low-maintenance plants for indoors and outdoors, pop into OC Succulents! We receive truckloads of gorgeous new plants every week, and there are always so many fun new varieties to discover.

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