The Best Indoor Plants to Give as Gifts

Plants Make The Best Presents! 6 Indoor Plants to Give as Gifts.

The best holiday presents are meaningful, unique, and useful, which is why we think indoor plants are perfect to give as gifts! There’s something undeniably sentimental about plants—each one is a unique living creature that constantly changes and grows, and they fill our homes with fresh oxygen and vibrant color. 

Indoor plants are more popular than ever, and people of all ages have been eager to gather the most impressive collections they can, with a variety of different colors, sizes, and textures to add visual interest and design appeal to the home. Try some of these interesting indoor plants to give as gifts this year to make life a little more beautiful for your family and friends!  

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The 6 Best Indoor Plants to Give as Gifts

While everyone loves to receive a new houseplant, some indoor plants can be a bit more finicky than others, and you don’t want to end up accidentally setting your loved one up for failure. If you’re looking for a gift that leaves a lasting impact, the guilt of a dead plant is not what you’re aiming for! You’ll want to choose something that can be reasonably cared for by a plant novice.

These easy-care indoor plants are your best bet for holiday gift-giving! Take a look at the descriptions and see if any fit the style or personality of the folks on your Christmas list.

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm’s thick trunk and stringy mop of foliage appear to be pretty tree-like, so people are always shocked to hear that it’s actually a succulent! They’re good gifts for plant lovers and beginners alike, and its carefree, sunny tropical vibes are a welcome addition to any home. The shaggy, wispy leaves are really fun and out of the ordinary, and with super minimal care requirements, this beauty is about as low-maintenance as it gets.

While the ponytail palm tends to do well in bright light, it can actually adapt to seasonal light shifts, so if you keep it by a sunny window or outside on the patio for half the year, you can keep it in a low-light room during the winter. Don’t worry about having to repot it regularly—ponytail palms actually prefer to be root-bound, and will better adapt to life indoors when their roots are snug in a container. 


Bouquets of cut roses last a few short weeks, but succulent rosettes can last for years! Create a custom assortment of echeveria in different sizes and colors to score those “made it myself” bonus points. The great thing about echeverias is that they come in nearly every color of the rainbow, and some are multicolored, so you can put together something really beautiful. We love the Perle Von Nernberg variety with ombre teal and purple, 

To make your arrangement, pick a creative container to plant them in, like a glass terrarium, a vintage birdcage, or pretty much any upcycled container that can hold rocks, potting medium, and moisture without getting funky. Layer the pebbles, then a cactus mix or peat moss blend into the bottom of the container, then arrange your succulents and water them in.  

Calathea Makoyana

Everybody loves the distinctive look of this calathea, as its leaves have a beautiful brushstroke motif that adds an artful quality to your home decor. Mint and forest green brush strokes decorate the glossy leaf surfaces, while the undersides and stems boldly contrast with a rich berry wine color. It looks fit to be displayed by a gallery wall in a cool, modern studio loft.  

The calathea is also known as a prayer plant because it’s constantly repositioning itself, fanning its leaves up and down, resulting in a dynamic living statue. It’s also pet friendly, so if you have an art lover in your life or a dog lover in your life, both will be much appreciative of this stunning plant!


Aloe really has a lot going for it! There aren’t that many indoor plants that can calm the skin, soothe ailments, and literally heal your body. Skip the expensive, smelly lotions and body butters from the mall and get your BFF an aloe plant instead! The next time they get a bad sunburn or accidentally grab a hot pan without an oven mitt, they can just crack off a leaf from their aloe plant, squeeze out the jelly, and apply it to their skin.  

Medicinal aloe is nice and low maintenance too, so upkeep is pretty minimal. It does best in a loose potting medium formulated for succulents or cacti, and good drainage is necessary to prevent root rot. They prefer 6+ hours of direct sun every day, but be careful if you move them from a shady spot to a sunny spot quickly, as the shift in light levels could scorch the leaves.

Aglaonema Lady Valentine

Commonly referred to as Chinese Evergreens, these sensational indoor plants are resilient and long-lasting, and they really deliver on color. The Lady Valentine variety is a store favorite—the rosy pink paint splatter effect brings a whimsical, romantic vibe that we just adore! While most aglaonemas reach up to around 3 feet tall at maturity, with regular fertilizing they may reach as high as 4 or 5 feet, which means tons of gorgeous, vibrant foliage. 

While different varieties within the aglaonema family tend to have different light preferences, Lady Valentine does just fine in indirect lighting, not too bright and not too dark. Don’t water too often—let the soil dry out between waterings, and give the leaves a wipe down every once in a while so they’ll be shiny and dust-free.


These strange, curly air plants are so cute and super versatile! With no need for a potting medium, you can kinda put them anywhere so long as they get a bit of window light. If you’ve got a loved one with a chronically cluttered desk, get them to pop their tillandsia on top of a stack of their books. It adds that little burst of greenery to perk up the workspace without actually needing much space to put it.

You can also put tillandsia in small glass terrariums to hang in the window, which is another great way to enjoy them if desk space is limited. The tillandsia still needs some water, so make sure your lucky gift recipient knows to soak the plant in room temperature water for ten minutes every 1–2 weeks. Shake off the excess water and let dry before putting it back into its spot.

The mad dash to Christmas is well underway, and instead of scrolling through a sea of online stores and finding something different for everyone, go for plants—the universally loved gift with endless varieties to choose from!

Visit OC Succulents soon to get some of our brand new holiday plants that just arrived in store. Feel free to ask any of our experts for care tips, so you can provide the necessary instructions along with your gift. 

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