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6 Common Indoor Plant Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

Indoor plant pests are the worst type of uninvited houseguests! They sneak in unannounced and quickly wreak havoc on your precious plant collection. To stop them before they take over, you have to know the signs of infestation! Here are six common plant pests and how...

Why Succulents are the Key to Water Conservation in California

Water conservation is a hot topic these days, and Californians are searching for innovative ways to cut back on water consumption. For gardeners, this can be a tricky workaround. How do you grow a garden without frequently watering it? As it turns out, the solution is...

6 Stylish Succulents That Can Handle Low Light Indoors

If your room lacks window light, that doesn't mean you can't collect a bunch of cute succulents! While many succulents thrive in sunny desert conditions, there are still plenty of varieties that are happy to chill in a spot that gets sub-par sunlight. Don't Let Low...

8 Blooming Succulents and What to Do When They Flower

Lots of succulents produce flowers. Some bloom repeatedly; others bloom once before dying. Echeveria are repeat bloomers that produce little flowers on tall stems.

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Growing Succulents in California

If you’re a gardener or houseplant collector in California, it’s time to seriously consider making the switch to growing succulents. They’re eco-friendly and easy!

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3 Wholesale Garden Nurseries To Serve You!

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