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Plants to Support Mental Health Awareness Month

During Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important to check in with ourselves and our loved ones to ensure everyone is doing alright and has the support they need. Professional help, communication with your loved ones, and self-care are important, but taking care of...

How to Grow, Support, and Train Monstera Plants so They Grow Mega Tall

We’ve got some pretty nifty ideas for cleaning up and supporting your Monstera plants so they can reach all the way up to the ceiling and create a canopy of green!

How to Propagate 12 of Your Favorite Succulents

Learn how to propagate your succulents so you can clone all of your favorite plants! You’ll want to treat each type differently for successful propagation.

Complete Your Perfect Aesthetic with Our Plant Pottery Style Guide

Discover the biggest trends and must-have colors in our 2022 Pottery Style Guide. Mediterranean pottery, vintage styles, and terracotta are the crowd favorites!

12 Gorgeous Tabletop Plants and How to Style Them

Picking out houseplants for tabletops is tricky, depending on the size and function of your table. Here’s our guide to choosing the right plants!

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How to Care for Lithops Succulents

How to Care for Lithops Succulents

If, after watching E.T., you’ve always secretly wished for your own pet alien to care for, then we highly suggest getting a lithops plant. These peculiar yet adorable succulents have a distinctly alien-like vibe. Most folks know them as “living stones,” some compare...

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3 Wholesale Garden Nurseries To Serve You!

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