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Our People, Our Pride: Meet Cecilia from OC Succulents

Cecilia has only been with OC Succulents for about three years, but her connections to gardening and the plant life run much deeper. We sat down with Cecilia recently to chat more about her connection to succulent gardening, her family, and her career!Q: Tell us about...

How it All Began: Celebrating 50 Years

We sat down with OC Succulents’ very own Chris Stansbury to learn more about how OC Succulents came to be in advance of their 50th anniversary. They are so delighted to be celebrating this huge milestone and looking forward to new local locations of your favorite...

Mega-Tall Succulents You Can Use Instead of Accent Trees

It's no secret that we At OC Succulents love it when gorgeous succulents take center stage in local Orange County landscapes. Whether you're incorporating a barrel cactus as an accent piece, laying down some sedum as a lush groundcover, or draping some donkey tail...

Gorgeous Garden Themes Featuring Succulents

Because our "How to Design a Succulent Rock Garden" blog was such a hit, we wanted to delve deeper into specific design themes! No matter your style or region, we've got the perfect garden design ideas for showcasing your Southern Californian succulents.Natural If...

What Succulent Matches My Zodiac Sign?

As each new year rolls around and the stars make their way through the sky, many of us find ourselves checking our daily horoscope to see what this day, week, or year may have in store for us. Many believe people can learn a lot about themselves from their Zodiac...
OC Succulents colorful succulent plants

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Plants to Support Mental Health Awareness Month

Plants to Support Mental Health Awareness Month

During Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important to check in with ourselves and our loved ones to ensure everyone is doing alright and has the support they need. Professional help, communication with your loved ones, and self-care are important, but taking care of...

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3 Wholesale Garden Nurseries To Serve You!

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